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    What users say about My Notes Center

    MNC is a good tool if you want to write a one hour report, however, it really shines if you're working on a project that required days, weeks and even months to complete. With such huge projects in mind, you, definitely, need a tool to organize your thoughts as you do your research. Somewhere to put down notes as they come up and group them together for easy retrieval when you're writing your final draft.
    Personally, I use MNC to prepare my business school essays, a process which will take approximately 8 months. Organizing and sorting ideas is a essential to write a convincing essay, and MNC has been a great help.

    Basem Chbaklo

    Great piece of software! I'm really enjoying all the options and neat little features. 
    Benjamin Congdon

    I am very impressed from what I have learned in 1 hour. I have been evaluating lot of PIM software since last few weeks. This is a unique program and very easy to use.
    Suresh Desai

    Hi there, I am enjoying My Notes Center very much. I tried many similar programs to yours but so far I like yours better than the others.
    Andrew Molloy

    I'm really impressed with the MNC which I heard about from betanews. You did a great job there and addresses most issues I expected from such an app. 
    Michael Baas 

    »» 19-Декабрь-2004
    Вышла версия 1.4.1 Рождественская. Условия регистрации прежние.

    »» 19-Июль-2003
    Исправлена страница регистрации с генератором ключей.

    »» 21-Май-2003
    Вышла версия 1.3.8 сборка 20.

m: f. s. p.
»» 19-Авг-2003
Вышла версия 1.3.9 сборка 26!

»» 21-Май-2003
Вышла версия 1.3.8 сборка 20.

»» ??-Май-2003
Вышла версия 1.3.8 сборка 19.
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